3 Steps On How To Remove TikTok Filter – Works Both On Android And iOs

TikTok has been discovered to its awesome filter tools that can turn you into a poreless supermodel – they called this reality vs. social media expectation! But not all the time do you need to hide your impurities or your real skin tone color. So in this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the 3 easy steps on how to remove TikTok filters.

Steps On How To Remove TikTok Filter

There are 3 factors that add up extra filters on your camera at TikTok. Check the 3 steps below on how to disable them!

1. Removing TikTok Effect Frame

  1. Open your TikTok account > Click the “Effect” frame located beside the Record icon
  2. Set the Effect to NONE or simply press the circle grey icon. 

remove the filter on tiktok


2 . Disable the Portrait and Landscape Filter in TikTok

  1. Go to Filter section located at the top right corner of your phone
  2. Set the Portrait and Landscape filter mode to NORMAL. See the difference in the screenshot below

set the filter in tiktok to normal

3.  Set All The Beautify Filters To Zero

  1. If you want to remove the smoothness and contours on your Face, simply click the “Beautify” section
  2. Hover to Face tab and adjust all the options like “Smooth” to zero
  3. Do the same process in the Makeup tab, adjust the level to none.

remove the makeup on tiktok