Toggle is one of the useful module in Divi for frequently asked content and other informative writeups but sometimes, the default (+plus) icon messed up your design. In this guide, I will walk you through how to change that according to your preferred taste

So there’s two options to do that: 

Using Unicode 

Sample for unicode

Using Custom Image

Sample for custom icon

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Magic Formula!

1.If you don’t have a toggle yet then simply insert a toggle module by clicking the grey(+) icon then search the module itself “toggle”. Otherwise, you can skip the process.
how to add toggle in divi extra


1.Open the Toggle Module > Go to Advanced Tab > Custom CSS >  Look for Toggle icon section.

change icon divi toggle module


So these are the default unicode of Divi and Extra themes. Simply use your preferred code to replace the default + icon. 

divi unicode


divi default unicode

list of default unicode in extra theme

default unicode of divi theme


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