How To Change The Toggle Icon In Divi and Extra By Changing The Default Unicode

Written by Angelic Sanoy

Toggle is one of the useful module in Divi for frequently asked content and other informative writeups but sometimes, the default (+plus) icon messed up your design. In this guide, I will walk you through how to change that according to your preferred taste

So there’s two options to do that:

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Using Unicode 
Sample for unicode

Magic Formula!

1.If you don’t have a toggle yet then simply insert a toggle module by clicking the grey(+) icon then search the module itself “toggle”. Otherwise, you can skip the process.
how to add toggle in divi extra


1.Open the Toggle Module > Go to Advanced Tab > Custom CSS >  Look for Toggle icon section.

change icon divi toggle module


So these are the default unicode of Divi and Extra themes. Simply use your preferred code to replace the default + icon.

divi unicode


divi default unicode