Build A Website Under 5 Mins. – Best Way To Make Money During COVID19

Majority of the people in the world are affected with corona virus pandemic. Well, it’s not yet end of your career, you can still make money by transitioning to digital.

How? There’s a lot of ways to generate income through website:

  • Affiliate Marketing – normally you can earn money by comission. A lot of merchant who are willing to pay percentage for every sales you put into the company. Let’s say you sign up as an affiliate marketer at Amazon.  You should able to get a unique url in order to market their website and if someone buy a product on Amazon using your link then you can earn a kickback from them.
  • B2B or B2c Selling – another way of making money is selling products and services to your website itself.
  • Adsense – You can start writing blogs related to your hobby and sign up to Google Adsense . If someone clicks an ads on your website, you will get a $$ depending on the geographical location of your audience.

So what is a website?

A website is generally use to find your brand, business online from search engines like Google, Yahoo (you name it!). Some business-savvy persons have already digital version of their brand to keep their online presence.

In this guide, I will walk you through how to create a website in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a web developer, just follow the steps below :

1. Choose a domain

Domain is your official identity to get found on Google e.g In order to own your preferred domain, you need to buy this from a legit domain providers and this requires minimal yearly payment.

Sign up to and choose a domain


2. Choose a host

In this case, I encourage to use Siteground for 24/7 support and no hidden fee services e.g:

  • You can have a secured website (https:) for FREE
  • You can setup your professional email address for FREE (
  • They have complimentary monthly backup
  • There tools to speed up your website is FREE to use.

The above features need extra fee in Godaddy that’s why I recommend to separate your hosting Provider.

If you’re ready to use Siteground, then simply signup here!


how to create a website


Note: After you finish the registration, make sure you point the nameserver of your domain to Siteground. Kindly check the above video for detailed guide.



3. Install A CMS Platform

Most of the hosting provider has already a built-in WordPress installation. Simply go to WordPress section, click the install and manage then choose a domain where you want to install the WordPress file.

4. Bonus: Create Your Professional Email Address

What I really like about Siteground is it doesn’t require you additional fee to create an professional email address. In order to do that, simply go to Email Section > Actions > Fill in your preferred email address and password then hit the Create orange button. 

If you want to redirect your email address e.g to your gmail, you can use POP3 and SMTP Port. (Soon tutorial…. )

how to create email address in siteground

How Online Filipino Freelancer Get Approved On Credit Card Application

Applying for a credit card in the Philippines is a bit hard especially when you are working online due to some legality papers that you need to comply. In this blog, I will share with you how did I get approved on my credit card application even though I don’t have enough documents.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, all of the suggestion below is just based on my experience

Actually, it isn’t my first time to have a credit card because I was able to acquire my first BPI credit card last 2012 however I would not consider it as an application because the bank itself offered me the credit card. And since I was too young at that moment, I did not maintain a good credit score. It short, I’m spending more than I am earning.

So fast forward, I switched to BDO because BPI has a limitation in overseas transactions, this was the time when BPI cards don’t have any visa or MasterCard trademark. As I remember, they only have bancNet and EPS trademark that’s why it’s very inconvenient to use it when you are traveling outside the Philippines.

Anyway, back on the scenario. 4 years after I switched to BDO, I was able to get the point why having a credit card is an advantage over carrying cash like:

Why Rebates Can Save You A Lot Of Money Using Credit Card

Rebates, Deal and Promos  – who doesn’t want rebates and freebies?  If you have BDO credit card, you can download their BDO Deals app to check some promos. Example: you can get 8% rebate if you use a VISA credit card either on your online or in-store purchase

bdo credit card rebates

One of my favorites is the Dining Rebates like Vikings. Normally, their rate per head will costs you P800 but if you use BDO credit card, you can save as much as 40% discount. You just need to book in advance to they can reserve a seat for you, isn’t a good ice-breaker

I was waiting on BDO to offer me a credit card just like BPI but unfortunately, it never happens even though I’m earning 6 digits though they gave me a rewards card. My conclusion is because I always withdraw my funds every time there’s a remittance coming.

The Process Of Applying BDO Credit Card Online

Visit the BDO credit card application page then choose what card you are applying for. In my case, an agent called 3 days after I applied online and these are the questions that you need to be careful of:

1. Are you renting, living with parents or you owned a house?

I owned a house but my mom is living with me after my dad died. 

2. Do you have a car? If yes, is it mortgage?

I have two cars, one is under my name but the other one is still in mortgage

3. Do you have a dependency?

Yes, my son

I think the questions above is the getting to know-process, they want to evaluate you if you’re really good managing your expenses.

4. Do you have an Office Phone Number?

Provided mine. It’s really a plus point if you have a landline number.  Because this will prove your identity.

5. How much is your gross annual income?

I provided her my monthly salary then she just multiplied it by 12

6. What BDO credit card I am interested?

Since I’m not sure what credit card I really like, she suggested me a Platinum card since I was able to hit the minimum gross annual income.

7. Are you employed, self-employed or have a business?

I’m employed but at the same time, I’m also self-employed. Honestly, I’m working online as a website developer that’s why I’m uncertain where should I categorize myself. I have clients both local and international and I don’t have any payslips however my income automatically credits on my BDO Kabayan savings.

Requirements For Applying for Philippine Credit Card Online

After that, an agent says. I think you are categorized as entrepreneur ma’am so here’s the only following proof we need:

  • Bank Statement for 6 months
  • 2 Valid IDs (Provided my passport & Philhealth)
  • TIN Number – this is free, just visit nearest BIR and ask for the TIN number
  • SSS Number – this is FREE as well same with TIN Number 🙂
  • Business Permit – I told her that I don’t have a business permit since most of my clients are abroad. I haven’t legalized it but I’ve been doing this stuff for almost 6 years.  It doesn’t make sense for me for now to get a business permit since it’s virtual but sooner I might compile some permits once I need Filipino manpower. 


The Result of My Credit Card Application

After that, she provided me an email address ending with to send the requirements. Then she asked how long I can comply with those requirements and when is the best time to call me back for the secondary interview. I told her that I can comply it today then she can call me back after 2 days same time 1 pm. Since she asking for 6 months statement, I need to go to the bank physically to ask for it.

After 2 days, she called me back and said that the application is already in progress. I can check the status on their website by putting my SS number

I was able to get the result from them after 14 days that my credit card was approved but it was not PLATINUM. I only acquired BDO GOLD VISA and BDO GOLD MASTERCARD. I think because even though my gross annual income is more than the minimum annual require for PLATINUM, I still did not pass the metrics because sometimes my bank balance is close to 0. Yayks.. For sure, freelancers can also relate. Gasto pa more!

Here’s one of my sneak peek. On my conclusion, the 36.02 pesos drag me down to get a Platinum card. My suggestion is if you really want to have Diamond or Platinum card, do not let your bank statement down to 5 digits, you should keep savings on your bank.

how online filipino freelancer get approved on credit card application

example of bank statement I passed to bdo for credit card application



Is It Worth To Attend Event Like DevCon Summit?

In every expertise, their’s always a group of volunteers who are willing to share their ideas as a give back without expecting any return. On my side, there’s a community called Devcon.

One day, when I was scrolling in social media I found the ads about DevCon Summit event near in our hometown. It’s really interesting but there’s always doubt back on my mind, Is it really worth to attend? I mean, this is a 1-day whole event. am I willing to exchange my 1-day workload for this summit?  Even my friend also asks me that question so here’s the breakdown of the pros and cons of attending an event like DevCon.

Pros of attending DevCon Summit

  • If you’re a business owner related to the tech industry and looking for manpower, I encourage you to participate as a sponsor. Theirs’s a lot of ideal candidates and connection who are willing to help you out.
  • They will tackle topics that are helpful for aspiring developer. From Mobile Development, API, Cyber Security, Blockchain and many more. Although it doesn’t involve hands-on coding, at least their giving the fundamental insights.
  • Aside from T-shirts and cute DevCon bags, There’s a lot of souvenirs especially if you have participated in their Q&A. Lucky I got a lot of them.
  • More opportunity for aspiring developers. I even see sponsors who are giving FREE training, just to help you become competent.
  • It will help expand your network in your industry.

Cons Attending Events Like Devcon Summit

  • If you are looking for something a hands-on practice then this is not for you. Basically, this is a pure essential chit chat talk.
  • It’s not FREE though I would say that your ticket is still “SULIT” because they do have a lot of giveaways. See all the giveaways we’ve got.

This is once in a blue moon event so better to attend.

Cheers. See you at the next Devcon Summit

Ways To Reach DevCon Community:

Facebook: @DevConDavao | @DevConPH

Evernote Tips And Tricks: The Best Way To Manage Your Client’s Login

There’s a lot of password management tools available throughout the cloud but neither of them quench my thirst until I come up with this 101 Evernote tips and tricks that dramatically improve my productivity rate.

If you are wondering why I shouldn’t be using Lastpass or Sticky Password? Actually, I tried but…. I cannot afford the glitches and it’s eating my precious time so instead of dealing those stuff; I created my own password storage that works both in offline and online – even in Incognito browser..

So let’s begin how this Evernote trick solved the hustle…

Step 1 – Evernote Tricks 101: Grouping the Notebooks

Sign up at Evernote and create a group for your client’s information. This help you to locate login details easily.

First, create a stack to merge the notebooks( Independence Title create a very brief tutorial how to create a stack in Evernote). I have the Evernote notebook called default contacts where I put all the clients that focuses only on their business which means their login details are exclusively all about their company.

Step 2 – Evernote Tips 101: Create A Note(s) Inside The notebook And List The Login Details from A to Z.

Add-on Evernote tips: Consider creating notebook if your client has a lot of customers that you are dealing with.

See how I did it on Johnny’s info.
Basically, he had 5 clients so I prefer to seperate him on my “default contacts” notebook so I can pile his customer’s details properly

Create a notebook
Create a notes by clicking the paper icon for your client’s login details. For clients similar to Johnny, you need to create individual notes for every client.

E.g Johnny has a clients named Melissa, Jennifer and Abby so the formula will be 3 notes:

M – melissa perace
A – abby meyer
J – jennifer johnson

PS: this is just a dummy names. 

How the notes look like? 
Listing your login details from a to z is searchable so rather than categorizing them, why don’t you try the traditional a-z way?

evernote tips and tricks infographic - how to organize client's login using evernote

Why I choose Evernote instead of others?
What I really like about Evernote is.. it’s very user-friendly and you can even download the app on your smart phone. Even though, it’s a cloud based tools; the autosync function allows you to add and edit some notes when you’re offline.

Do you want me to create a step by step video tutorial about organizing client’s login information using Evernote? Comment below or drop me a message!

How To Stay In Thailand Over 30 Days Without Doing A Visa Run

Thailand is the most pron visa run country for digital nomads and as a first timer, this is quite scary.

So way back 2016, I decided to travel to Thailand to study a microblading. It’s actually tough decision because it was my first time to stay away from my comfort zone yet an exciting moment.

Tips To Pass The Philippines Immigration

Traveling from the Philippines to Thailand doesn’t require a visa up to 30 days but since there’s a lot of Filipinos work illegally, the “offload” word brought to our attention.

Don’t carry too much luggage –  Based on my perception, carrying over-sized luggage as a tourist doesn’t make sense at all. You’re just hinting the immigration that there’s something smelly on your travel. In fact, we haven’t bring anything but our laptops and backpacks with a total of 3kls.

But heck! Don’t follow us..

That’s the worst decision we have ever made! I could absolutely save 20,000 baht If I can fetch my actions

Anyway,  you can get as much as 7kls to 15kls luggage..

We are travelling in thailand over 30days without having a visa run

Be Confident if they ask –  Just be confident, do not give anything unless they ask. I noticed some Filipinos are too defensive.

Scenario like – a lady immediately provide all her documents like TOR, Birth Certificate, Bank Statement and start her storytelling like she had an aunt in Thailand…. She’ll be staying their for good as tourist….blah blah…

Psychologically speaking, if I am the immigration officer, I will also feel overwhelmed.

So tip of advice: Do not speak until they ask you do so.

Most of the questions they will usually ask when traveling as a tourist in Bangkok

How long you will stay in Thailand – Be concrete, do not throw unsure words like “Maybe 15 days”. Just say “15 days”. If they ask you a returning ticket; just say you haven’t book yet.

If they ask a follow-up question, you can say “my schedule will be flexible because I want to visit a lot of tourist spot destinations in Thailand but I’ll definitely return before my visa runs out.”

If you’re not comfortable, you can buy a returning ticket.

For hotel accommodation alternative, you can find cheap rooms in Bangkok here. Make sure you’ve tick the lowest price.

Keep in mind, the key is just BE CONFIDENT.

Where will you stay?

Just write down the complete address and contact number.

But honestly, it rarely happens.

They might ask douments like:

  • Bank Statement
  • Returning Flight

Please, don’t give them a TOR or any school documents. That’s a huge red flag. You will travel as a tourist not other way around.

If you follow these step above, they will not bother to ask anything but just your passport unless you will look suspicious…. so just chill.

FYI: * This all works in all countries.

Fashion kills you – don’t be too fancy nor dull. Just mediocre.

Plus points: Having a lot stamps on your passport is a big plus.

Wondering some food street it Thailand? Check the sneak peek below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram


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When You Should Need To Do A Visa Run

So we arrived in Thailand and the microblading journey begins… until we figured out that the return ticket is not total of 30 days but 31 days. Worst thing, you only have 29 days to stay in Thailand because the “date on arrival” is counted, that’s equivalent to 2 days overstay.

At first, we planned to travel in Cambodia to get a 15 days extension but shits happened and I am so exhausted both to my work (I’ll be posting how to work online soon!) and school (I’ll posting microblading 101 soon) so we leave it as is and expect the unexpected.

Despite we went to the Thailand immigration located at the first floor of the Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and asked for assistance on how we can fixed the problem without messing up our passports. The immigration officer was so friendly and told us that all nearby Asian passport holders have a 3 days grace period so luckily we saved 1,900 baht penalty/person.

Note: If you’re staying more than 32 days, you can either do a visa run before the expiration at the nearby countries like Cambodia or Laos.

How To Setup WordPress Offline Site Less Than A Minute | WP 101

Installing a WordPress on your desktop and computer is simple like using one-click installation feature offered by most of the hosting company.

However, if you want to master WordPress, you might need to consider familiarizing the offline setup.

At first, I thought it’s really hard and it required programming knowledge but these 3 tricks can save three forth of your time. 🙂

Step 1 – Install and Configure The Xampp Console

  1. Install a xampp on  your desktop or laptop.
  2. After installation, you will see a console that’s composed of 5 modules.
  3. Run the Apache and MySQL module by clicking the start button.

Setup WordPress Offline Site

Beside Mysql row, click the admin button to create a database or you can simply go to localhost/phpmyadmin/ to access the phpmyadmin console.

  1. To add a database, click the New
  2. Name your database (As an example, I used wp, you can rename it whatever you want).
  3. Click the check all
  4. Hit the create button

create a database in php admin

Step 2: Placing The WordPress Files On The Right Directory

Step 2:1: Download the latest version of WordPress on there official website.

download wordpress 5.2.1

If you’re using iOS, please the .tar.gz

Step 2: 2: Unzip it into the htdocs folder. Usually, it is located at C:/Program Files/XAMPP/htdocs.

So basically, it looks like  C:/Program Files/XAMPP/htdocs/wordpress/

Note: you can rename the WordPress folder, just keep in mind that this will serve as the extension of your local link. Since we use WordPress, our front-end link will be localhost/wordpress

You can see the WordPress is already live but in order to make it work, you need to connect the database that we have created in step 1.

Step 3: Connecting the Database

In the process of installation, simply select a language and follow the instruction until you reach the database Q&A field. For other option, just edit the wp-config but for those new for backend, let’s just stick to front-end configuration. 🙂

how to setup wordpress offline

Here’s the format

  • Database Name: WP (this is the name we have used in the database
  • Username: Root (we’re using root since we’re installing the WordPress locally)
  • Password: leave it black
  • Database host: localhost
  • Table Prefix: wp_

Lastly, name the general settings.

And now, you have a demo site.

Local WordPress Installation Highlight Of The Day | Tweetable

WordPress installation is not tricky, you just need to do it slowly or else your site won’t be live quickly – Angelic Sanoy

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