Legit To make Money Online

For Beginner Level:

Site that allows you to work anytime(

Swagbucks – If you love watching videos and participate in survey. Swag bucks is perfect for you. Payment can be done via PayPal with $2-5/hour ranges so if you spend 8 hours of your time participate on their mission/to do then you will get more or less $10-$20/day

Fit for: teenagers

Kumu (Mobile App)
It is a social media sites but that pays money by streaming.
This social media mobile app is very famous in Philippines. Aside from networking people, you can earn money through streaming. This is perfect for those people who love to entertain and have amazing talents! It’s recommended to stream 1-3hours to get big income in streaming and the more funny and amazing you are, the higher chances you can earn more in Kumu

Fit for: stand up commedians, talented people like dances, singers, artist.

Sites like Shutterstock sells royalty free stock images, photos and music in high resolution. If you love photography and art then you might consider selling your piece in these kind of websites. Just make sure you optimize your photos and make sure you are prioritize indemand pictures by doing keyword research to generate more income.

Fit for: photographer, artist and musicians.

Allows you to create a gig offer under the sun. Polish your offer especially the writeups and samples to gain a lot of orders in Fiverr. Reviews is also helpful so encourage them to review on your profile.

Fit for: teenage, any kind of genre.

Affiliate Marketing like Commission junk
Commission junction gather thousand of merchants who are willing to pay by commission to the adviser by promoting their product and services.

Fit for: YouTubers and bloggers who love to create reviews and make educational content.

This will allow you to earn money by Impression.

What is impression?
Is a modern term to calculate how many people watch you. So Let say you have adsense account and their are 2,000 audience watch videos or red your blog then you have 2,000 impression. Every 1000 impression ranges from $1-$5. Aside from impression, you can also earn via click through rate. Payment normally ranges from $2-$10 per CTR

So here’s the formula:

2000 impression = more likely $4 revenue
40 CTR = more like $80 revenue.

Fit for: All genre. Just provide quality content so a lot of people will engage to your content. The more impression you can get, the better chances of getting higher CTR.

Designcrowd and 99designs
Perfect for artist, you can sell you piece there like logos, flyers.

It’s a job listing directories which allow you to sort job by location. You can also look for online jobs by using this keyword “hiring remote”

Facebook group
Most small business owners post for job availability. You can also check the LinkedIn groups and twitter.

Typing Job:

Sites allows you earn substantial amount of income by transcring

  • Rev
  • Gotranscript

Hourly Rate Job like peopleperhour freelancer

– these are so famous for virtual assistant and PA position.

Perfect for bi-lingual and multi-lingual people. You can earn money but tutoring best owners or random people who loves to learn other language(s).

School Sites
51talk and acadsok – are perfect for those people who love to teach kids.

Upwork – another outsourcing sites that is design for freelancers. A lot of business owners post a job availability that doesn’t require physical location.

Agencies like Virtual Staff Finder
They have huge connection of clients that allows you to work isntantly.Simple pass their interview to start working online.

Sites For Hybrid Freelancers

Toptal – perfect for engineers and project manager. Someone who has expertise.

Education Sites:
Udemy and Skillshare – if you have expertise and you love teaching then you might consider these sites to earn passive income.

How To Change Default WordPress Custom Type Or Register Your Own Custom Post Type

There are two ways of creating custom post types into WordPress: First is using a “plugin” but if you want to keep your WordPress website liteweight then adding a snippet of code to your child theme’s function.php would be the best practices.

Note: If you don’t want to keep your hands thirty then simple use custom post type maker plugin to generate your preferred custom post type. Also, using a ‘child theme’ is a must if you do the manual way of adding custom post type in your function.php otherwise your code would not be “safe”, it will be vanish once you update your Parent WordPress theme.

Now, Let’s begin to create a custom post type!

But first let me ask you a question, would you like to create a new one or just overwrite the existing default custom post type available on your WordPress theme? If the answer is both then no worries, I will reveal the solutions.


Register Your Own Custom Post Type :

Let say you want additional custom post type named “Calculators”? Your magic savior is to use the function called register_post_type( string $post_type, array|string $args = array() ) . That will allow you to register a new section on WordPress dashboard. Take note string $post_type  can be anything, you can use whatever name you want!

Here’s the example syntax:

function my_custom_section() {
register_post_type( 'calculators',
'labels' => array(
'name' => __( 'Calculators', 'divi' ), 
'add_new' => __( 'Add New', 'divi' ),
'singular_name' => __( 'Calculator', 'divi' ), 
    'has_archive'  => true,
    'hierarchical' => true,
    'menu_icon'    => 'dashicons-editor-table', 
    'public'       => true,
    'rewrite'      => array( 'slug' => 'calculators', 'with_front' => false ),
   'supports'     => array(),
add_action( 'init', 'my_custom_section' );


Overwriting default custom post type available in your WordPress theme

Now, what if there’s a default custom post type in your WordPress theme that is not useful and you just want to update the name? Example “the default Projects custom post type available in Divi“?  Well, all you need to do is get the exact registered post type of that section. When you view to all section and view each projects, you will see that the reserve name is “project

how to change the default custom post type in wordpress

Make sure you note the reserve name and assign it to $post_type.

overwriting default wordpress custom post type

Rule of thumb: Once you activate your child theme and add the code to your child theme’s function.php, it will overpower the parent theme.

If you want to add more labels and arrays then here’s the complete list: Visit the WordPress register custom post type documentation for more guide about the syntax. 
full list of custom post types labels and array

How To Forward Domain Email To Gmail Using Forwarding | SMTP | POP3

Method 1: Custom email Addresses

To do any auto email forwarding, you need to set your hosting provider email settings. Let’s say you are using Siteground, just go to Email > Accounts to create a custom email address. Then look for email configuration info to see what incoming server, outcoming server and port that you need to use to redirect email addresses to gmail.

create a custom email address in siteground

Method 2: Reply as or send as using your custom email addresses in Gmail

Normally, you can only use @gmail extension on your Gmail client settings and if you want to in tack all your custom email addresses in one place like Gmail, you need to setup the SMTP.

To import a domain email address, click the gear icons > Settings > Accounts and Imports > look for send as > Add another email address then follow the wizard instruction to complete the process.

add email-address to gmail using pop3

method1 pop3 importing email address

These are the following details I used during the configuration:

  • Name: Your Name
  • Email Address: technical@nationaltvantenna.com
  • Check the “Treat as an alias”
  • STMP Servier:gsgp1017.siteground.asia
  • Username: technical@nationaltvantenna.com
  • Password: yourpassword
  • Port: 995
  • Choose the “Secured connection using TLS(recommended)


Note: You will ask a verification on the last process. To get the code, go back to Siteground and login to webmail.

Method 4: Forward All the Emails From Your Server to Gmail Using  SMTP

The process with SMTP is similar to POP3, just click the Add a mail account  under Check mail from other accounts:

These are the following details I use:

  • Email Address: technical@nationaltvantenna.com
  • Username technical@nationaltvantenna.com
  • Password: mypassword
  • POP Server: http://gsgp1017.siteground.asia/
  • Port: 465

Check the following:

  • Check the Import emails from my other account (POP3)
  • Always use a secured connection (SSL) when retrieve email
  • Label incoming messages



Build A Website Under 5 Mins. – Best Way To Make Money During COVID19

Majority of the people in the world are affected with corona virus pandemic. Well, it’s not yet end of your career, you can still make money by transitioning to digital.

How? There’s a lot of ways to generate income through website:

  • Affiliate Marketing – normally you can earn money by comission. A lot of merchant who are willing to pay percentage for every sales you put into the company. Let’s say you sign up as an affiliate marketer at Amazon.  You should able to get a unique url in order to market their website and if someone buy a product on Amazon using your link then you can earn a kickback from them.
  • B2B or B2c Selling – another way of making money is selling products and services to your website itself.
  • Adsense – You can start writing blogs related to your hobby and sign up to Google Adsense . If someone clicks an ads on your website, you will get a $$ depending on the geographical location of your audience.

So what is a website?

A website is generally use to find your brand, business online from search engines like Google, Yahoo (you name it!). Some business-savvy persons have already digital version of their brand to keep their online presence.

In this guide, I will walk you through how to create a website in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a web developer, just follow the steps below :

1. Choose a domain

Domain is your official identity to get found on Google e.g bookwormhead.com. In order to own your preferred domain, you need to buy this from a legit domain providers and this requires minimal yearly payment.

Sign up to godaddy.com and choose a domain


2. Choose a host

In this case, I encourage to use Siteground for 24/7 support and no hidden fee services e.g:

  • You can have a secured website (https:) for FREE
  • You can setup your professional email address for FREE (info@mywebsite.com)
  • They have complimentary monthly backup
  • There tools to speed up your website is FREE to use.

The above features need extra fee in Godaddy that’s why I recommend to separate your hosting Provider.

If you’re ready to use Siteground, then simply signup here!


how to create a website


Note: After you finish the registration, make sure you point the nameserver of your domain to Siteground. Kindly check the above video for detailed guide.



3. Install A CMS Platform

Most of the hosting provider has already a built-in WordPress installation. Simply go to WordPress section, click the install and manage then choose a domain where you want to install the WordPress file.

4. Bonus: Create Your Professional Email Address

What I really like about Siteground is it doesn’t require you additional fee to create an professional email address. In order to do that, simply go to Email Section > Actions > Fill in your preferred email address and password then hit the Create orange button.

If you want to redirect your email address e.g info@example.com to your gmail, you can use POP3 and SMTP Port. I have wrote a tutorial on How To Forward Domain Email To Gmail Using Forwarding | SMTP | POP3

how to create email address in siteground

How To Change The Toggle Icon In Divi and Extra By Changing The Default Unicode

Toggle is one of the useful module in Divi for frequently asked content and other informative writeups but sometimes, the default (+plus) icon messed up your design. In this guide, I will walk you through how to change that according to your preferred taste

So there’s two options to do that:

For custom image, click the shop image

Using Unicode 
Sample for unicode

Magic Formula!

1.If you don’t have a toggle yet then simply insert a toggle module by clicking the grey(+) icon then search the module itself “toggle”. Otherwise, you can skip the process.
how to add toggle in divi extra


1.Open the Toggle Module > Go to Advanced Tab > Custom CSS >  Look for Toggle icon section.

change icon divi toggle module


So these are the default unicode of Divi and Extra themes. Simply use your preferred code to replace the default + icon.

divi unicode

Source: dividezigns.com

divi default unicode