PayPal Encashment: Why Freelancer’s Looking For Instant PayPal Exchanger?

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Instant PayPal Exchanger

Exchange your PayPal funds instantly for as low as 3.25%. Enough with long wait, make it available on your bank account in just a minute or two!

PayPal Funding

Don’t have funds from your PayPal? No worries! PayEx is here to reload a money to your account.

Purchase Online

Want to purchase online but don’t have verified PayPal account? We can do the purchase in your behalf.

PayPal encashment became a trending business in social media due to high demand of instant encashment especially in Philippines.

Basically, you need to contact them for verification if your PayPal account is legit. Once they confirmed that you are a verified PayPal user, you can start doing a remittance.

PayEx’s PayPal Encashment Interest Rate

P500 – P1,000 – P50
P1001 – P2500 – 4.75%
P2501 – P5000 – 4.25%
P5001 – P750 – 3.75%
More than P7500 – 3.25%

PayEx’s PayPal Funding Interest Rate

P500 – P1,000 – P70
P1001 – P2500 – 5%
P2501 – P5000 – 5.25%
P5001 – P750 – 4.75%
More than P7500 – 4.25%