How To Get Massive Invites On UpWork – Break Their Server

Invites On UpWork Is Getting Harder? It’s Not If You Crack Their Server Algorithm

With over 12 million registered freelancers, do you believed getting invites on UpWork is so hard nowadays due to competition? The majority of newbies say “yes” but if you’re just careful and keen enough in building your profile. Rest assured, you’ll break their server.

For over 7 years in freelancing, UpWork is one of my rapid income generator and I usually get the best client(s) and impressive salary but in the middle of my outsourcing venture, I’ve been away from UpWork for almost 4 years but fortunately I am still getting invites from a different client(s) throughout the cloud. So how is that possible?

how to get massive clients in Upwork

The Revelation……

You don’t need to be geeky, it’s just the matter of being smart so here are the top UpWork optimizer techniques that will improve your profile from knob to most competitive one.

Sections That You Need To Stress Out To Get More Invites On UpWork

You’re Headline Speaks Who Your Strength –  Don’t just write you’re virtual assistant or a data encoder. Make it appealing as possible. How? Just add little spices, putting some adjective in your UpWork title is definitely a worth to try, you can always change your title every month for A/B testing.

Bad title: Virtual Assistant | Graphic Designer
Good Title:  Multi Talented Virtual Assistant With 6 Years Experience In Graphic Designing

They Love To See Your Face – UpWork has a newly released video feature. It’s a big plus if you create a Video Resume, don’t speak too much else make it short and brief.

Don’t be afraid to show your achievement – If you have some achievements whether it’s an offline or online, putting this on your UpWork profile is a major plus.

Breakdown what you do, UpWork has an enough space for you – this is the most strategy that freelancers always missed. UpWork is like a search engine so make sure you break down your skills and write possible keywords that you can do.

Let say, If you have any work related to the following, drop me a message!

  • Hubspot
  • WordPress
  • Data Entry
  • and many to mention

Make sure you always update your profile description for every new learning.

Show Them How Smart Are You – During your spare time, you can take a quiz in UpWork related to your strength. If you’re good in Adobe, bring it on and take some Adobe quiz.

Certificates Impressed Them – There’s a lot of FREE training that provides certificates. See the following below.

They Are Wondering What You Have Done So Far – A lot of freelancers always forget to update their portfolios (even me). Well, Just like Google, UpWork is your friend. Feed your profile with content and make sure that your portfolio has a keyword(s) that describe what you can do.

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Blogging Mistakes – 4 Practices That You Should Not Do When Starting A Blog

You’d tried to create a blog but it seems don’t make any sense at all……

You put a lot of extra effort but still not engaging enough compared to other native speakers..

If you feel intimate because English is not your first language, don’t worry; you’re not alone. In spite of hypothesizing your brain that blogging is not your thing, Check the blogging mistakes that I have break down for you.

4 Common Blogging Mistakes I Realized When Starting A Blog

1. Always depending on a keyword – searching a good keyword in Google Keyword Planner is no doubt an incredible strategy to drive traffic but this also ruins your article.

Tweet This: Pushing too much target keyword on your content won’t be helpful else it can increase your bounce rate

What is bounce rate?  It is the percentage of visitors who visit then navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Solution: You can use LSI keywords as an alternative of your target keywords, that will improve your SEO score.

Let’s say, your target keyword is blogging mistakes, it doesn’t sound good if you always repeat this word, you may use other alternatives like “starting a blog”, how to blog, common mistakes in blogging and such.

2. Not Thinking A Good Headline – This is related to keyword stuffing again, most of the freshmen blogger really focus on keywords which result to uninviting to read.  A Good title should consist a Problem + Solution or A Fact.

3. Not Structuring/Planning  A good plan can bring big impact to your content. If you think quantity can help you drive traffic. Guess what? Quality always win! If you’re a freshmen blogger, stealing a content from other sources is not a good idea. Take note, Google always loves unique content so if all of your blog posts are full of trash copy/paste content, your site won’t be valuable just like others do.

4. Too Robotic – This happen usually to a tutorial blogs, being too monotonous will push your readers to leave. If this works on your other blog, lucky you! because there’s a lot of competition and for sure, they will win the battle. Humor always matter; the only way to fight back is to stress the emotion – let the readers feel how eager you write this topic.  Why? Of course, because it’s informative and you’re excited to share it!

Neither I am not a good writer but every now and then, I strive hard to be at least a better one. What’s your blogging story? Feel free to comment below.

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PowToon Media Library Tutorial – Features 1

PowToon media library innovative feature just released! Isn’t amazing that they are changing from time to time to please us?

Yes, indeed and it’s getting friendlier to the average peps that don’t have any animation skills. Recently, they released a new user interface with a lot of features including the media library.

Media libraries feature in PowToon allow you to upload custom images, search preset animated props from PowToon and search images via Flicker or isTock

To get started, open your PowToon editor by going to dashboard, simply click the create or edit button (if you have an existing one) then point your mouse at the bottom right menu with an image icon.

They also have a image holder feature which allow you to insert an image inside the frame. To check other PowToon image holders, simply click drop down arrow to see the different lists of styles e.g Sojo.

powtoon media library overview


Below are the 4 ways to use Media Libraries in PowToon.

  1. powtoon media library optionsUpload Images – This allow you to upload your custom images. Make sure you use .png, jpeg, gif or .swf (action script 3) for animated characters.
  2. My Images – This will let you reinsert the imported images in the PowToon’s media library.
  3. Search Images – This feature will allow you to search a FREE and premium images. If you don’t want to get additional charge, just stick to FREE ones.
  4. My Videos – This cool PowToon features will let you import your custom mp4 format or even an embed YouTube video inside the PowToon. However, this works on slideshow mode only.



Top 5 Signs Of Hiring A PowToonist Expert – Should DIY Or Not?

PowToon is indeed famous with over 10 million users! You will definitely inloved if you tried to use it however despite of PowToon’s user friendly interface, there are some instances that you need to consider in hiring a professional PowToonist.

Checkout out the Top Burning Reasons Why Other Prefer To Hire a PowToonist Expert instead of Doing-it-Yourself.

  • They don’t have enough time to do it.
  • They want to make a better PowToon presentation
  • Plans are too expensive for one time project
  • They want to create a catchy explainer video for their branding
  • They are not creative enough

However, if you have a lot of projects and have enough time to learn PowToon! We’ll definitely encourage to do-it-yourself so you can master the interface. PowToon is not just a tool but it can let your earn money and profession, you can be a PowToonist like us if you’re dedicated to learn how to use it.  Feel free to check the PowToon tutorials for tips and tricks. Happy PowTooning!

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So which one you prefer?

Create a PowToon yourself or hire PowToonist experts like us? The decision is still yours!

How to PowToon – Getting Started Guide For Beginners

Creating a PowToon is just easy and fun! Today, we will cover the following features and educate how it works. Checkout the video below to learn the basic feature of PowToon.

How to Rename your PowToon inside the PowToon editor

Hover the top left side of the editor and change the title inside the text field. Hit the SAVE to save the changes you made.

How to add or delete the slide in your PowToon editor

Simply click the plus(+) or minus(-) icon located at the top of your thumbnail to delete/add a slide.

Just a heads up! Maximum length per slide depends on your license. See the list below.

  • FREE version – can create up to 5 mins. per PowToon
  • EDU Pro, Classroom and Pro – can create up to 15 mins. per PowToon
  • Elite or Business – can create up to 60 mins. per PowToon

How to add or delete seconds inside the PowToon Slide

Simply click the plus(+) or minus(-) icon located beside the PowToon timeline.

How to change the background on your PowToon slide

Click the background menu located at the right side of the editor.

For text effects tutorial, kindly check the video above for more details information. Happy PowTooning!

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