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Blogging Mistakes: The Struggle Of A Trying Hard Blogger

You’re trying to create a blog but it seems don’t make any sense at all……

You put a lot of extra effort but still not engaging enough compared to other good bloggers and native speaker…..

What’s the matter of my writing? Is it because “english” is not my first language or my topic is not quite inviting?  This is the common questions that come to my mind and being a good blogger is so complicated achievement to my part. Before I knock my head into the doorknob, it made me realized the common practices I am doing that cause my writeups uninviting to read.

4 Common Blogging Mistakes I Realized When Starting A Blog

1. Always depending on a keyword – searching a good keyword in Google Keyword Planner is no doubt an incredible strategy to drive traffic but this also ruins your article. As much as possible, pushing too much target keyword on your content won’t be helpful else it can increase your bounce rate

What is bounce rate?  It is the percentage of visitors who visit then navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Solution: You can use LSI keywords as an alternative of your target keywords, that will improve your SEO score.

Let’s say, your target keyword is blogging mistakes, it doesn’t sound good if you always repeat this word, you may use other alternatives like “starting a blog”, how to blog, common mistakes in blogging and such.

2. Not Thinking A Good Headline – This is related to keyword stuffing again, most of the freshmen blogger really focus on keywords which result to uninviting to read.  A Good title should consist a Problem + Solution or A Fact.

3. Not Structuring/Planning  A good plan can bring big impact to your content. If you think quantity can help you drive traffic. Guess what? Quality always win! If you’re a freshmen blogger, stealing a content from other sources is not a good idea. Take note, Google always loves unique content so if all of your blog posts are full of trash copy/paste content, your site won’t be valuable just like others do.

4. Too Robotic – This happen usually to a tutorial blogs, being too monotonous will push your readers to leave. If this works on your other blog, lucky you! because there’s a lot of competition and for sure, they will win the battle. Humor always matter; the only way to fight back is to stress the emotion – let the readers feel how eager you write this topic.  Why? Of course, because it’s informative and you’re excited to share it!

Neither I am not a good writer but every now and then, I strive hard to be at least a better one. What’s your blogging story? Feel free to comment below.

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