Is It Worth To Attend Event Like DevCon Summit?

In every expertise, their’s always a group of volunteers who are willing to share their ideas as a give back without expecting any return. On my side, there’s a community called Devcon.

One day, when I was scrolling in social media I found the ads about DevCon Summit event near in our hometown. It’s really interesting but there’s always doubt back on my mind, Is it really worth to attend? I mean, this is a 1-day whole event. am I willing to exchange my 1-day workload for this summit?  Even my friend also asks me that question so here’s the breakdown of the pros and cons of attending an event like DevCon.

Pros of attending DevCon Summit

  • If you’re a business owner related to the tech industry and looking for manpower, I encourage you to participate as a sponsor. Theirs’s a lot of ideal candidates and connection who are willing to help you out.
  • They will tackle topics that are helpful for aspiring developer. From Mobile Development, API, Cyber Security, Blockchain and many more. Although it doesn’t involve hands-on coding, at least their giving the fundamental insights.
  • Aside from T-shirts and cute DevCon bags, There’s a lot of souvenirs especially if you have participated in their Q&A. Lucky I got a lot of them.
  • More opportunity for aspiring developers. I even see sponsors who are giving FREE training, just to help you become competent.
  • It will help expand your network in your industry.

Cons Attending Events Like Devcon Summit

  • If you are looking for something a hands-on practice then this is not for you. Basically, this is a pure essential chit chat talk.
  • It’s not FREE though I would say that your ticket is still “SULIT” because they do have a lot of giveaways. See all the giveaways we’ve got.

This is once in a blue moon event so better to attend.

Cheers. See you at the next Devcon Summit

Ways To Reach DevCon Community:

Facebook: @DevConDavao | @DevConPH

2 Best Places You Should Stay And Visit In Cebu – Philippines Tour

Crown Regency in Cebu (Review)

Crown Regency Hotel is one of the pioneering 5-star hotel in Cebu thus I rarely see reviews online so I decided to give you a sneak peek how wonderful and exciting to stay here

What I like About Crown Regency Cebu (Pros):

  • If you’re a digital nomads like me who’s always hunting for good internet connection then you should check-in in Crown. They got Fiber Optic connection which allow you to work in your room unlike other hotels limit the connection in the lobby area only.
  • The price is very decent. The room only costs P3200 including a breakfast. Actually, this is  a sale rate from Agoda
  • If you’re adventurous person and looking for Instagrammable overlooking pictures then this is a dope place to stay. They have rides for as low as P250 ($5). Here’s the full rates



  • The room itself is too big for 2 persons and I can’t imagine myself staying there alone. I’m really coward so it’s nay for me.

It was a short yet fun vacation. Although we haven’t try going in different places, we have still able to try different adventure and I don’t think other hotels offer this. Kudos to the owner who came up with this idea.

Other place that you should visit in Cebu

There’s also a famous restaurant in Cebu called Rico’s Lechon – it’s only 30mins away from Crown Regency and 5 mins away from the airport. Actually, a lot of celebrities, Vbloggers, foreigners (you name it) drop by here before they leave in Cebu. So to satisfy our curiosity, we tried their legendary spicy “roasted pig”. Well, it was indeed delicious, the lechon is crisp, chewy and spicy. You should also try their “garlic squid balls” 😀

ricos lechon price

How To Build A WordPress Child Theme Less Than A Minute

Doing extra customization on your website is pretty common especially if the chosen theme doesn’t support the style and functionality that you want. But most amateur website designers missed this portion which may result in losing all the extra codes every time there’s a new update on your theme. Of course, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s a waste of time, effort, and money. To avoid this, you need to make sure the parent theme is carrying a WordPress child theme version.


What is WordPress Child Theme?

child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parentthemeChild themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme – WordPress Codex

WordPress codex did a very great job in explaining what child theme is.

Now, you know what’s WordPress child theme is.. Let’s build now!

A child theme needs three things:

  • Its own folder,
  • A style sheet name styles.css
  • functions.php file
  • screenshot.png (optional)

child theme directory


1. Create a folder under wp-content/themes
Like any theme, child themes are located in wp-content/themes in your WordPress installation. So, navigate there and create a new folder for your child theme.

A best practice is to give your theme’s folder the same name as the parent theme followed with -child phrase. Now, because we’re using the Divi theme, we will call our folder divi-child.

2. Screenshot
Upload your screenshot.png in the child theme folder, this will serve as preview under appearance > Themes

3. Functions.php
Create a blank functions.php using atom then upload in the folder you have created

4. Styles.css
Create a styles.css then write the following code below. You can modify the text field according to your preferred information.
Child Theme Syntax:
Theme Name: Level Up Child
Theme URI:
Description: This is a child theme of Angelic site
Author: Angelic Sanoy
Author URI:
Template: Divi
Version: 0.1
@import url("../Divi/style.css");

Lastly, go back to Appearance – Themes and press the activate button.

Download the child theme source file here

Evernote Tips And Tricks: The Best Way To Manage Your Client’s Login

There’s a lot of password management tools available throughout the cloud but neither of them quench my thirst until I come up with this 101 Evernote tips and tricks that dramatically improve my productivity rate.

If you are wondering why I shouldn’t be using Lastpass or Sticky Password? Actually, I tried but…. I cannot afford the glitches and it’s eating my precious time so instead of dealing those stuff; I created my own password storage that works both in offline and online – even in Incognito browser..

So let’s begin how this Evernote trick solved the hustle…

Step 1 – Evernote Tricks 101: Grouping the Notebooks

Sign up at Evernote and create a group for your client’s information. This help you to locate login details easily.

First, create a stack to merge the notebooks( Independence Title create a very brief tutorial how to create a stack in Evernote). I have the Evernote notebook called default contacts where I put all the clients that focuses only on their business which means their login details are exclusively all about their company.

Step 2 – Evernote Tips 101: Create A Note(s) Inside The notebook And List The Login Details from A to Z.

Add-on Evernote tips: Consider creating notebook if your client has a lot of customers that you are dealing with.

See how I did it on Johnny’s info.
Basically, he had 5 clients so I prefer to seperate him on my “default contacts” notebook so I can pile his customer’s details properly

Create a notebook
Create a notes by clicking the paper icon for your client’s login details. For clients similar to Johnny, you need to create individual notes for every client.

E.g Johnny has a clients named Melissa, Jennifer and Abby so the formula will be 3 notes:

M – melissa perace
A – abby meyer
J – jennifer johnson

PS: this is just a dummy names. 

How the notes look like? 
Listing your login details from a to z is searchable so rather than categorizing them, why don’t you try the traditional a-z way?

evernote tips and tricks infographic - how to organize client's login using evernote

Why I choose Evernote instead of others?
What I really like about Evernote is.. it’s very user-friendly and you can even download the app on your smart phone. Even though, it’s a cloud based tools; the autosync function allows you to add and edit some notes when you’re offline.

Do you want me to create a step by step video tutorial about organizing client’s login information using Evernote? Comment below or drop me a message!